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Tesla is the National Level Technical Fest of MIT College of Engineering. Formerly known as Pinnacle, in its tenth year, Tesla ‘16 is scheduled for the month of September. Tesla started out as a rare event in MITCOE's history, where the entire student community, irrespective of their branches, seniority, gender and experiences united together, and their enthusiasm was palpable at each and every step. To strengthen this spirit and to further reinforce the commitment towards sustainable development and the role of the youth, the theme of MITCOE Tesla '17 is 'Pristinus'.

Our aim is to create a platform where everyone gets a chance to embrace the best of knowledge, a platform to envision the 'India' of their dreams, a platform where innovation has no boundaries. Tesla '17 is all set to touch greater heights with a host of competitions, exhibitions, seminars and workshops.

As an initiative by the students and for the students, Tesla is jointly organized by all departments of the college and the events are further categorized into 5 groups to cater to the various engineering disciplines – Psypher, Guros, Creo, Arqtekt, AtLANtus.

Tesla is entirely managed by students of MITCOE. Tesla is a true believer in the concept of a united we stand divided we fall.All the problems and events are shared equally by all teammates. Although every aspect of Tesla is no closer to one manager than the other but for smooth functioning, certain portfolios are allocated to every manager.

For more information, please contact the event co-ordinators directly by logging into this website
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